Bluetooth Mouse Module YFBT04 is a Bluetooth module using Terax TOD3003  Bluetooth controller. This module is ideal for applications in wireless mouse, keyboard, joystick and gamepad. Build-in firmware adheres to Bluetooth HID profile. This module is integrated with PCB antenna, crystal, EEPROM and switching DC/DC to reduce the external BOM cost. It has been designed to provide ultra low power, low cost and robust communications and fully compliant with Bluetooth radio specification V 2.0



• Bluetooth V 2.0 specification compliant.

• Ultra low power design.

• Built-in switching DC/DC boost and buck to reduce external BOM and provide high efficient power for external sensor.

• Provide 3.0V and 1.8V DC output power.

• On module EEPROM and crystal and PCB Antenna..

• Excellent Receiver Sensitivity.

• Support custom-made firmware of HID application.